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Excelsior Farmers Market (4-8pm)

Nokomis Farmers Market (4-8pm)

East Isles Farmers Market (4-8pm)

Bloomington Farmers Market (8am-1pm)

Linden Hills Farmers Market (9am-1pm)

Now when I’m referring to making your coffee in the morning, I say to my boyfriend “I’m gonna go make some SK”.  You’ve become a household name and a beloved epithet synonymous with “great coffee”. Like bandaids and Kleenex equating to bandages and tissues, “coffee” = “SK”!

Sarah Spinella, long-time customer

I bought a bag from you at a local farmers market. Wow - best coffee ever!

Lori and Charlie

I sampled some of your coffee (Guatemala, Natural) at a local farmers market recently. I ended up bringing a bag of beans home. Normally, I don't follow up when someone who hands me their card, but I have to let you know that this coffee has been a phenomenal addition to my morning. The flavors are simple yet distinct and pairs well with just about anything. I just wanted to express my appreciation of its quality. Keep up your fine work.

Daniel Pederson

...you can still win it big with this Kenyan Roast. A surprisingly bold aroma of berry and vanilla makes itself present in the cup. Hints of plum and the toasted sugary taste of dulce de leche provide an interesting contrast of flavor...

@discoveryourcoffee, coffee Instagram influencer

...a great example of a well balanced coffee, subtle chocolates, and whispers of fruits. The smooth balance of these beans really shine as a pour over coffee. Many specialty coffee drinkers will enjoy and appreciate this coffee.

Ispirare Coffee, coffee roaster