SK coffee began in the Allston neighborhood of Boston where Minnesota-native Sam was trying to elevate his personal and familial "home" coffee experience with a Jiffy Pop over the stove. Sam saw a lack of engagement with the everyday coffee drinker so he started inviting people for a cup of home roasted coffee, selling bags at farmers markets, and engaging with the community of coffee lovers like himself.

Sam met Nate, and their partnership started in earnest when Nate traveled to Boston for the #RoastingMarathon. They aimed to only sell 70 bags, just enough to pay for Nate's trip. They sold 170!

People liked their coffee and their attitude, so SK upgraded to a single-bag-at-a-time roaster Huky 500. Having grown in their mission and community, SK now roasts on a Mill City Roasters 2kg.

Speaking of cities, SK recently moved to Minneapolis, where a lot of exciting projects are in the works. Stay tuned for updates on our blog and follow us on social media to learn about our next steps.

Meeting you where you are.