Sam started SK Coffee because he saw a lack of engagement with the everyday coffee drinker. Many coffee companies are distancing themselves from coffee lovers through jargon and highfalutin behavior. Then Sam met Nate, the biz dev guy, creating a rich and encouraging partnership, mutually motivated by meeting coffee lovers where they are!

It began with a Jiffy Pop popcorn popper over the stove, trying to elevate our personal and familial "home" coffee experience. People liked our coffee and our attitude, so we bought a single-bag-at-a-time roaster called the Huky 500. We grew in our mission and our community; now we roast on a Mill City Roasters 2kg.

Throughout our journey we have met some really great people and done some pretty cool things. Our partnership started with the #RoastingMarathon. We aimed to sell 70 bags, just enough to pay for Nate's trip to Boston. We sold 170! We have worked with the talented folks at The Pour Co.. We have been reviewed, raved, and interviewed by several coffee influencers: CoffeeProps, Inspirare Coffee, and DiscoverYourCoffee. We have also worked with the great healthy lifestyle influencer Georgie Morley, a.k.a. init4thelongrun. There are more partnerships to come, we are just getting started!

SK Coffee wants to elevate the home coffee experience. No judgement. No limitations. We roast specialty coffee, fresh for you at home, in the office, and on the road. Wherever!

Meeting you where you are.